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Self taught artist, Cindy Lass believes passionately that painting should come from the heart. Bold forms and energetic colours are her signature, but what drives her to paint comes from deep inside – all of her work falls under her ethos and motto of ‘art from the heart.’ She has exhibited extensively and over the years has acquired a considerable following including celebrities such as Sir Elton John, Simon Cowell and the Beckhams.
Cindy has raised huge sums of money for charity through her previous projects which have included ‘Celebrity Pawtraits,’ a collection of paintings of celebrity pets and ‘Celebrity Flowers,’ a collection of Swarovski embellished paintings of a variety of beautiful flowers chosen by celebrity friends and fans.
The latest exhibition, entitled ‘Everyone has the right to Blossom’ centres around a commission Cindy painted of the chestnut tree that grew outside the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. Although the tree was in a poor condition, Cindy painted a joyful tree full of blossom with Anne’s portrait floating high in its branches. The painting is now displayed in the Anne Frank house. The message of the tree “Everyone has the right to Blossom” was taken by Cindy and Eva Schloss (Anne Frank’s step-sister) into schools and children were encouraged to paint themselves as trees expressing their emotions through art. The exhibition includes ten prize winning paintings from each participating school, three of which are pictured below.
The exhibition will also showcase a number of works by Cindy Lass including a special limited edition print of the Queen’s Corgis, the original was presented to Buckingham Palace and now hangs within their quarters. Special edition lithographs of the Anne Frank tree will also be available.

This is the first phase of an ongoing school project and coincides with the launch of cindy’s vision ‘ALL OUR HEARTS BEAT AS ONE’.

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