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Lotte Meitner-Graf


Lotte Meitner-Graf was a Portrait photographer, whose studio was initially in Vienna and for the last 20 years of her life at 23 Old Bond Street, London. For 40 years after her death the archives of negatives from over 3000 sessions, together with many display prints were kept in store by her family in their Winchester farmhouse.

In 2014, the family established The Lotte Meitner-Graf Archive to catalogue and preserve the negatives and prints as well as bringing to life some of the marvellous images, many of which have never been seen outside the studio.

In addition to creating new archival pigment prints for exhibitions, the proceeds from sales and licences of her works are going towards funding the publication of a book, which will include information on her life, her wide-ranging circle of friends and clients as well as her methods of working.

Over 60 of her portraits are currently on display at the Dimbola Museum and Galleries, on the Isle of Wight, home and workplace of Julia Margaret Cameron, the renowned Victorian portrait photographer.

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