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Martyn is a member of the Royal Society of British Artists, now living in France. He paints because he loves paint. He works from one image to another, adding and subtracting, and the painting evolves into something that expresses his view of the subject. His paintings are not just an image, but textured objects in their own right which change with the differing light and conditions of days and seasons and which move as the viewer moves around the work. He enjoys taking a central motif, be it a person, animal, still life or an element in a landscape

FACE, Gallery Different, London, 2013
Street Life, Gallery Different, London, 2012
Apart International Art Festival, Paca region France, 2011
The RBA at Petworth House, Petworth House, West Sussex, 2009
Martyn Baldwin 2008, La Cour des Arts, St Rémy de Provence, France, 2008
BP Portrait Award Tour, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, 2007
BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London, 2007
Royal Society of British Artists, The Mall Galleries, London, 2004-2012
Mystery Postcards, National Portrait Gallery, London, 2006
Summer Exhibition, Gallery 54, London, 2006  
Star Portraits, Shipley/Gateshead/Liverpool/Belfast/London/Leicester, 2005
Star Portraits, The New Art Gallery Walsall, Birmingham, 2004
The New English Art Club, The Mall Galleries, London, 1993-2003
The Pastel Society, The Mall Galleries, London, 2000-2003
The Royal Society of Portraits Painters, The Mall Galleries, London, 1999
Exhibitors of The NEAC, Ainscough Contemporary Art, London, 1997
BP Portrait Award, The National Portrait Gallery, London, 1996
The Discerning Eye, The Mall Galleries London, 1996
The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, The Mall Galleries, London, 1994
Ten Young Painters, Thompson Gallery, London, 1994
Summer Show, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 1993
Summer Show, Royal Academy of Arts, London, 1992

“My work is the result of a synthesis of artist, motif and materials through a profound study of the structure of the subject in order to find the spirit in the mass and a just tension of opposites."

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