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Born in 1939, Maurice Blik has lived in England since being liberated from Bergen Belsen, where he was taken as a small child from his birthplace, Amsterdam.
The ability to come to terms with this experience and to confront the face of humanity that he had witnessed, stayed silent in his life for some 40 years. It finally found a voice in the passionate and exquisite sculpture he started creating in the late 1980s when he began by making a series of horses' heads.
Later he progressed to more  figurative work in which the irrepressible joy of life and the destructive, inpenetrable shadow of existence, are held together in a struggling unity.

Blik has had an extensive career in Art Education, teaching at all levels from Primary to Post Graduate. In the 1980s he began to develop his own artwork and in 1991 gave up teaching to work full time on sculpture. He has a post-graduate Art Teacher's Certificate with Distinction from London University. In 1996 he was elected President of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.
Maurice works in the UK and USA where he was awarded residency by the US Government as 'a person of extraordinary artistic ability'.


Gallery Different (Since 2011)

Sculpt Gallery, Colchester, Essex, (Since 2012)
Bowman Sculpture, London, (since 2008)
International Art Consultants (Art for Offices), London, (since 1991)
Irving Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida, 1995-2011
Masterpiece, Bowman Sculpture, London, 2010
Royal Society of British Sculptors - Solo Exhibition and artist’s talk, London, 2008
Hannah Peschar Sculpture Park, Surrey, 2007/8         
Chambers Gallery - Solo Exhibition, London, 2006
Blain's Fine Art (Haunch of Venison) - Solo Exhibition, London, 1999
Pier Walk Sculpture - Invited Artist, Chicago 1998/7
Hiscox Art Café, London, 1998
Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park- Invited Artist, Chicago, 1998
Summer Exhibition Royal Academy, London, 1998/1997/1993/1991
Museum Masters Collection, New York, 1996
World Art Forum, Davos, Switzerland, 1994
Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury, 1992
Cavalier Gallery, Greenwich, Connecticut USA, 1989
Air Gallery Critics’ Choice selected by Mary Rose Beaumont, 1988
Alwin Gallery, London, 1985


"Blik's sculpture expresses the intensity of feeling we experience when engulfed by life's great forces."

(John Smith)

"Blik's creativity has been both prodigious and profoundly moving. His huge bronze figures typically emerge from black metallic masses like butterflies from cocoons and stretch upwards, their fingers often just touching some mysterious shining object above them. You don't have to be an art critic to grasp the metaphor. This might be the artist emerging from his dark past. Or perhaps it is the indomitable human spirit rising from apparent devastation to reach for the beauty that will not be crushed."   Richard Morrison, The Times (London) He is an absolute pleasure to work with, inspirational, fearless, sensitive and above all, professional. He is an artist with integrity. Maurice Blik has kept his vision with single-minded focus; in my mind one of the best living figurative sculptors this country. There is not a project he can't undertake in any part of the world, on any scale. Andrew Hutchinson, Hutchinson & Hutchinson Art Consultants.

Blik's large maquette is born of personal experience. His flying figure, contorting, thrusting and sweeping itself into the air is a leap of true faith, a commemoration…aspiring spiritually and physically….  Julian Freeman. British Art A walk round the rusty pier. Southbank Publishing
Especially powerful are the half-abstract bronze figures whose inner strength and outward struggle of heads and limbs are breath-takingly captured by the hands of British sculptor Maurice BlikCarol Everingham Art Review USA

Maurice Blik's explosive, expressive, poetic visualizations of humans and their alter-ego shadows, are a highlight of the show   Philip Eliasoph State of the Arts Connecticutt USA

Maurice Blik's ‘The Awakening’ a big bronze, instinct with energy Terence Mullaly The Daily Telegraph
Straddling the worlds of the real and the abstract, Maurice Blik creates sculptures that suggest the dark evolutionary process of the human psyche… These works raise fascinating questions; is it the intense yearning that gives life to the human half of Blik's creations? Or conversely is it the nature and intensity of desire…Michael Blum Middletown Press USA

Maurice Blik's work is concerned with the human spirit finding freedom. His sculptures are powerful symbols of hope, awakening and new life.John Smith Landmark Communications.

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