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Since 1993 Peter Newsome has devoted all of his energies to the creation of sculptures in glass and has exhibited widely in the UK and New York.

Using special techniques adapted from the glass engineering industry, Peter uses the traditional skills of glaziers to shape and hand cut pieces of sheet glass. He then assembles them to create distinctive sculptures.

Peter completed his PhD in 1975 and was elected as an Associate Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors in 1999. He became an RBA in 2010.
His work has been seen on the BBC, ITV and received coverage on the BBC website.

'Glass is special in the way in which it allows light to interact with both the sculptural form and the viewer; constantly changing as the viewer moves or the light changes. My work emphasises these interplays whilst their forms my also allude to human relationships or the fluidity of natural movements'

Peter Newsome

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