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Stefano Bonacci was born in 1971 in Perugia, Italy.

Graduated Academy of Fine Arts P.Vannucci, Perugia, Italy, 1995.
International  Scholarships,  Winchester School of Art, UK, 1992. CSAV - Artists Research Laboratory with Allan Kaprow, Fondazione Ratti, Como , Italy, 1997. 

Selected exhibitions


ΠΛΟΥΣΙΑ ΤΕΧΝΗ ΣΕ ΦΤΩΧΟΥΣ ΚΑΙΡΟΥΣ  ( Art rich in times of poor), IsNotGallery, Nicosia, Cyprus
Contemporáneo, Gallery Lucia Mendoza, Madrid


Of meets the works of Stefano Bonacci , (staff) Perugia

Black light,  Room Urbani, Scheggino

Baculus ,  St. James Church, Cerreto di Spoleto

Theorema egregium, (staff) IsNotGallery, Nicosia, Cyprus


Opera-earth, contemporary ceramics, Park Ranghiasci, Gubbio

Travelers on the Flaminia , the Church of St. Anthony, Cascia

Opus & Light , church Madonna del Pozzo, Porta Monterone, Spoleto


Memory Project cash,  Venus & Apoll, Dusseldorf 


Luccellacci ... 'Luccellini 3rd act, Studio A'87 - Former Church of St. Charles, Spoleto

Italian Pavilion , 54th Venice Biennale, Sala Nervi, Turin


Triptych , (staff) former church Santa Maria delle Croci, Studio A87, Spoleto

  1. 1: - a place for e verything and everything in its place , Gallery Worksetting, Huddersfield (UK)

Arte Fiera Bologna, Gallery Giacomo Guidi

Dialogue # 1 , (with Peter Fortune) Galleria Cardelli and Fontana, Sarzana, La Spezia                 

Abracadabra , (with C.Sacker and T.Moore) by Aldo Iori, Gallery Giacomo  Guidi, Rome                 

Light , edited by Michael Shaw, Burghley Sculpture Garden, Stamford, United Kingdom


Constant obsessions , by A.Iori, M.Meneguzzo, M.Panzera, Gallery Giacomo Guidi,   Rome                 

Parkhaus, Kunsthalle, Düsseldorf , (D)

Migration of contemporary art, Rain Gallery, Fabrica 798, Beijing

XV four of Rome, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome


Matrix , (permanent work) Town Hall Spoleto

In the garden of the Goddess , by Aldo Iori, Trevignano Romano

Land of Masters , edited by G. Bonomi, Villa Fidelia Spello

2006    Prize of the Gulf , edited by Bruno Cora, Camec, La Spezia 2006

XII International Sculpture Biennale , curated by Bruno Cora, Sculpture Museum, Carrara. 

1: 1 (with Chris Sacker) gallery Formentini Milan by Alice Spadacini

Forms of time (staff), Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford, (UK) 
Accueil, by Aldo Iori, Studio Schomber, Rome

Heavenly Bodies , by Michael Shaw, Burghley Sculpture Garden, Stamford (UK)

299792.5 km / s (personal), edited by S.Sviatcenko, Senko Studio, Viborg, (Dk) 
Buttresses , Alite Group Associates, Perugia 

Traces , Cetona (Si) 
Bos'art, edited by Olivia Spatola, Municipal Museum, Bosa (Or) 
11 artists in a collection , Visual Arts Association Trabzon, Perugia 
Sculptors Drawing , edited by Michael Shaw, Burghley Sculpture Garden, Stamford (UK)

He who observes (staff), by Aldo Iori, Parkhaus im Malkastenpark, Dusseldorf  
Ecce Ancilla Domini (staff), Wunderkammer, Spello (Pg) 
Places of observation (with Klaus Munch), by Aldo Iori, Lerici (Sp) 
ABTamo , by Antonio Pazzaglia, Show Room La Fratta, Perugia 
Traces of civilization , by Mauro.Panzera, San Casciano dei Bagni (Si) 
Appetizers ,  Space Contemporary, Deruta (Pg)
Forms of time , Visual Arts Association,  Trabzon, Perugia

Terrae Nigrae , by Aldo Iori, permanent installation, Marcellano (Pg) 
Sibillini sides , by Daniele Di Ludovico, City Library, Cascia (Pg) 
Umbra line 01 , by Maurizio Coccia, Flash Art Museum, Trevi (Pg) 
Beyond the visible , Rocca Medicea, Cortona (Ar)

Eternal Return (staff),    En Lefko, Nicosia, Cyprus 
Dialogue (staff),   Showroom Aletheia, Perugia 
Next Art , 20 museums choose the art of tomorrow , curated by Ludovico Pratesi, dining Murat, Bari                  
De mentis Hortis , by Aldo Iori, Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna, Spoleto (Pg)

Cosmos (staff),   Rocca Paolina, Perugia 
Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean ,   National Gallery of
Modern Art, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Number zero , by Aldo Iori, Visual Arts Association Trabzon, Perugia 

Futurama , curated by Bruno Cora, Raffaele Gavarro and Marco Meneguzzo, Center for
Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci, Prato  
Prize Gulf , edited by Giovanni Castagnoli, La Spezia

Welcome Bienvenus , Municipal Aquarium, Genoa


 Anatomy of sintesis (with Chris Sacker and Tony Moore), Hebden Bridge Arts Festival (UK) 
Visiting Artist 1997/98 , The Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax (Uk) 
Action Imageante 10 , by Cavellini Piero and Mauro Panzera, Casino of the Woods, Parma 
Action Imageante 9 , by Cavellini Piero and Mauro Panzera, Santa Maria delle Croci, Ravenna 
Traces of a seminar , organized by Giacinto Di Pietrantonio and Angela Vettese, Viafarini Gallery, Milan 
See end of course , by Angela Vettese and Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Fondazione Ratti, Como


 Muteazioni, Perugia Palazzo della Penna, Rocca di Passignano sul Trasimeno (Pg)


1 995  
1995 WAR (staff),   Atelier,   Perugia 
Preview,  Corciano Art in 1995 , curated by Giorgio Bonomi, Corciano (PG)




Literature, Catalogs:



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Figures, Burghley Sculpture Garden, texts of   Michael Shaw, Stamford 2008

Land of the Masters 900 , texts of Antonio Carlo Ponti, Giorgio Bonomi,    Effe Editions, 2007

Generations / Regeneration , Art in the Age of uninterrupted conflicts, text Bruno Cora, Aldo Iori, The Ori, 2006

XII International Biennial of Sculpture , text by Bruno Cora, Logos Press, 2006

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Muteazioni , Municipality of Passignano, Perugia, 1996

Preview , by G.Bonomi, Corciano Art, 1995

Art and territory , by E.Abbozzo, Perugia, 1992




At age 12 I had already realized that drawing and painting were my companions of life. The sculpture came later to twenty years while studying at the academy. As a teenager I faced my way great artists of modern European painting by Magritte Miro, Max Ernest Morandi, performing copies in oil on canvas that then my father gave to friends and family. Subsequently the Academy of Fine Arts became my references Duchamp and Tinguely. Finally, like others of my generation, I suffered the charm of Joseph Beuys, in a typically German perspective and then wonderfully descriptive, has provided valuable guidance to many of the artists who started working in the eighties and nineties. My most important learning experiences But surely those were born next to the artists encountered along the way: as Sauro Cardinali, sensitive and valuable teacher, who followed me during the academic studies; or as Remo Salvadori that with his idea of infinite continuous this has contributed to the construction of a path that I have not yet abandoned. The brief meeting then with the father of 'happenings Allan Kaprow allowed me to better understand that false concept of death 'art and the end of utopias that has found fertile ground here in Europe, where the historical potential should instead indicate a completely different direction. Then I have to do one for all: Alberto Burri, who with his work remains an important point of reference that defines for me a measure of ethical value and artistic, from which I will not ignore.

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