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An artist and writer, Tara creates images with the desire to tell stories, expressing the power of life changing moments, the spirit within a living creature - creating a response and affinity within the viewer. Inspired by a life-long love affair with nature and concerned with a growing disconnection to the environment and each other, Tara paints animals and birds, speaking through their eyes, trees of life formed by the bodies of humanity - a reminder that we are all, in the end, connected. In her Blue Nature series, Tara strives to capture the spirits of her creatures. Often they are expressions of deep held emotions or profound moments of personal realisation and change. Painted in monochromes, the simplicity of a reduced colour palette allows her to concentrate on evoking an essence or feeling, rather than an accurate botanical portrayal. Her animals are created from sketches, photographic reference and a large part imagination; painted in watercolour onto canvas or paper. Tara's art process is a combination of control and fluidity; allowing materials to flow freely, co-creating with 'chance'. Working in this way is a reflection of her life philosophy - life can not always be controlled, and along the way there are often wonderful happy 'accidents'.

Originally Tara trained as a designer and illustrator in Australia - and the bright lights of the world called. She became a creative director for 'son et lumière' spectaculars internationally, painting with video, lasers, lights, fireworks and special effects. Since then, Tara has made homes in Milan, Paris and London. She has travelled the world several times, becoming two languages wiser and learning how to say ‘thank you’ in at least 30. Now Tara balances her time between her art, writing and son et lumiere shows. Tara creates from her studio on Johnsons Island, West London and in Sydney, Australia. She has exhibited across the UK and Australia and her work is owned in collections internationally.

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