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Eleven British artists have gathered together to share their artistic visual expression of sleep at the special art exhibition which is hosted by ibis. Each artist was asked to create a piece of work inspired by sleep (having slept the night in the Sweet Bed at Ibis London Blackfriars). The results are stunning and reflect the dreams and creativity inspired by a good night’s sleep.

the exhibition will open with a private viewing on Monday 24th November – however, it will be incomplete when it launches. The exhibition will also feature the Sweet Bed by ibis™. Every night during the exhibition an artist will sleep in the bed in the gallery and create a new work of art inspired by that night’s sleep. The exhibition will grow daily, the exhibition itself therefore becoming an installation space for the exploration of sleep and creativity.

Follow the creation of the artwork on the ibis instagram page from 24th November.

Watch the artist interviews on our Youtube page.

See the final collection on Saturday 29th November 2014.

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