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Born in 1967 in Daimiel, Spain, lives and works in Madrid. Bachelor in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, where she extended the specialities of painting and sculpture. Continuing her formation with several grants like the Rodriguez Acosta Foundation in Granada  or at the Antonio Ratti Foundation in Como (Italy) conducted by Gerard Richter.
Mercedes career is a long travel from her beginnings at realism and figuration, where she captures the spirit of nature, going trough abstract Works laden of lyricism to the Works that we can see today, where the artist has broken the limits of the canvas in a constant pursuit of trying to take the viewer her conception of colour, light and something that is a permanent in the conception of her work, the time and space.

Her Works have been prized and granted for several Institutions, and invited to show her projects in Spain and abroad.

Some of her solo exhibit were made in Artepaso Gallery, Madrid, in Horno de la ciudadela, Pamplona, in Cultural centre  Fundacao D. Luis I in Cascais, Lisbone, In Dazaifu Tenmangu, Fukuoka, Japan, etc.

“In my work I chase the light or its reflection and the different perceptions we have of it. In the past I’ve been interested on the effect of time and space on shapes but now it’s more about change or movement.”

Mercedes Lara

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