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The Kiss - MASKS

26 Jan - 3 Mar 2018

The Seventh Annual Kiss Exhibition features seventeen Gallery and Guest Artists whose work portrays or references MASKS


For 9000 years Masks have been universally used to disguise, protect, perform and entertain.  They can conceal identities and reveal other personas.  They have been used in rituals from death and burial practices to fertility, protection against disease, hunting, and communication with the spirit world.  Masks have been used in the theatre from Greek Tragedy through to the Renaissance comedies and to today's Japanese 'No' masks.  In Western Society, Festival masks, often absurd and grotesque, are widely used by individuals for anonymity and are conducive to the release from inhibitions and ribaldry. 


These are literal masks - but the purpose of the mask can also be assumed by an individual in the creation of their own identity - they can mask feelings, thoughts, character and intention.  They can also assume an identity that is approved by society - connecting with Society norms and a consensus of notions of beauty, and acceptability.


These themes are explored in a variety of works across a wide range of media.  The Preview of the exhibition will be on 25th January from 6pm - 8pm.  No works will be viewable before this date.


Return to this page on the 26th January to see the full exhibition.


We will be hosting our customary Kiss Cocktail Party on Valentine's day and this year, in keeping with our theme, it will be a MASQUERADE.  Dress code - Masks must be worn.  The event is ticketed and the first 50 tickets are free.  Tickets will be available via our Events Page from midday on Friday 26th January.


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