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Located in the heart of Fitzrovia, London, Gallery DIFFERENT presents contemporary painting, sculpture, drawing, print, photography and mixed media from BRITISH and INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS. As well as presenting a dynamic schedule of exhibitions and events, DIFFERENT collaborates with other galleries worldwide to promote and curate exhibitions for its artists.

Currently Showing At Gallery Different

Savoir-Faire 17th Oct 2016 – 19th Nov 2016 Savoir-Faire

Savoir-Faire - 'Buying exquisite art at affordable prices' - VEDO Corporate Art Service showcases over 50 works by talented national and international artists in paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, textiles, glass, ceramic and wood.  The VEDO system will be demonstrated - taste guaging designed to demystify, save time and put the fun back into finding the art you love; bespoke commissioning to enhance property investment, client and employee engagement, brand and market presence.  Appointments available during the day throughout the show.  Limited places left for the evening events on Monday and Wednesday 17th and 19th November.  Contact Us for more information

Exhibitions Coming Soon

Travelsnapper 7th Nov 2016 – 12th Nov 2016 Travelsnapper

And the moment passes.  Capturing the temporal nature of the travel experience; an evocative selection of images from photographer Christopher Reeves

Behind Closed Doors 15th Nov 2016 – 29th Nov 2016 Behind Closed Doors

Catto Gallery @ Gallery Different presents a new collection of work by denim artist Ian Berry
Behind Closed Doors explores themes of isolation and inner turmoil portrayed through solitary figures in familiar domestic settings.  A second strand My Beautiful Launderette depicts these iconic spaces, comprising a large installation of a launderette complete with machines and tiled floors.  Made entirely of denim which is cut and assembled to create highly detailed pictures with a photorealist yet 3D quality.

14th - 15th October 2016


This concept, the brainchild of north London Artist Cindy Lass, is the theme of an extraordinary Art Experience which will be open to the public for two days only from 14th - 15th October.  There is very limited availability for one of our invite only events on 14th October, and if you would like to attend please contact us.

This is the second event in this ongoing project to be hosted at Gallery DIFFERENT.  It will focus on the need for us all to reconnect and to heal our hearts through the medium of art.  The Heart Cells Foundation, a registered charity whose groundbreaking work is enabling people with heart disease to receive their own stem cells to regenerate their hearts have partnered the event and sales of artwork from the exhibition will benefit the charity and their work.


We have been amazed and grateful to the many celebrities and artists who have agreed to participate in our exhibition.  The 50 'Heartbeat' canvases include Simon Cowell, Philip Treacy, Kim Appleby, SInitta,  Michelle Collins, Jenny Agutter, Jenny Seagrove, Bill Oddie and Bill Wyman - to name but a few!  The exhibition features a wide range of artists including Andrew Logan, Guy Portelli, Chris Myers, Keith Haynes, Emma Woffenden and Tord Boontje, Derek Culley, Andreas Nater and many more.

The works are able to be viewed and purchased online.  All sales will benefit The Heart Cells Foundation.










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