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Located in the heart of Fitzrovia, London, Gallery DIFFERENT presents contemporary painting, sculpture, drawing, print, photography and mixed media from BRITISH and INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS. As well as presenting a dynamic schedule of exhibitions and events, DIFFERENT collaborates with other galleries worldwide to promote and curate exhibitions for its artists.

Currently Showing At Gallery Different

Paper and Bronze 12th Dec 2016 – 21st Jan 2017 Paper and Bronze

This exhibition celebrates two of the mediums that have been part of the artworld from ancient times and features over 20 artists with a diverse selection of work.  Works on Paper range from drawings, watercolours, traditional and modern print methods and paper sculptural works.  Bronze sculpture features both figurative and abstract works utilising sensational techniques of patination and plating.  Exhibition extended by 2 weeks to 21st January 2017

Exhibitions Coming Soon

The Kiss - Intimacy | Devotion | Passion 27th Jan 2017 – 25th Feb 2017 The Kiss - Intimacy | Devotion | Passion

The Kiss - Intimacy | Devotion | Passion

An exhibition featuring gallery and guest artists in this our sixth annual KISS Exhibition.  Works available to purchase online and at the gallery from 26th January 2017.  RSVP early for our opening night and for the annual cocktail party on the 14th.

The Art of Politics and Eating 28th Feb 2017 – 7th Mar 2017 The Art of Politics and Eating

A solo exhibition of paintings by Zev Robinson.  Part of his ongoing project examining and breaking down boundaries between aesthetic experiences and art forms, this exhibition will include wine and food events, film screenings and panel discussions.  RSVP early to attend.

Taking in the View 10th Mar 2017 – 8th Apr 2017 Taking in the View

    Exhibition of Landscapes - traditional to contemporary | representational to abstract

    The natural world, the urban and industrial environment, seas and skies and even deep space - these are the

    inspirations and influences which have produced exciting artworks by artists who have mastered their genres.

    Join us to 'take in the view'.

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