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Located in the heart of Fitzrovia, London, Gallery DIFFERENT presents contemporary painting, sculpture, drawing, print, photography and mixed media from BRITISH and INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS. As well as presenting a dynamic schedule of exhibitions and events, DIFFERENT collaborates with other galleries worldwide to promote and curate exhibitions for its artists.

Currently Showing At Gallery Different

LONDON - The Greatest City On Earth 18th Jul 2017 – 30th Aug 2017 LONDON - The Greatest City On Earth

Londoners have always had pride in their city – and its iconic landmarks feature throughout art history.  

Our summer exhibition this year celebrates London, its occupants and its global influence.

Eighteen artists are participating in the show working in a diverse range of media – paintings, prints, sculpture and mixed media.



For all of those we met at the Henley Festival this year - we hope that you enjoyed the stunning Sculpture Showcase.  A big thank you to all of the artists.

The exhibition was under the 'banner' of our corporate art consultancy - VEDO.

VEDO is the collaboration between Gallery Different and Vitruvian Art Consultancy to provide bespoke art solutions both for corporate and private clients.

Exclusively sculpture - the stand boasted some exceptional and critically acclaimed sculptors.




Paul Day, now a household name for his public sculpture, displayed a range of outdoor and indoor works, including the maquette for the Meeting Place - the monumental sculpture that is the centrepiece at St Pancras International Station.  Also on show were two of his friezes demonstrating the way in which his work plays with perspective.

Large outdoor sculptures dominated the sculpture lawns at the entrance to the Festival.


Simon Gudgeon, also working in bronze, exhibited a series of his Ballerinas at the Festival.  These elegant and graceful figures are balanced on spheres and circles and reference the era of art deco.  On the sculpture Lawns the mesmerising 'Leaf Spirit' gazed out onto the Grandstand and Floating Stage, surrounded by Jasmine and Hydrangeas, with the town of Henley-on-Thames in the background. 


Mel Fraser is a stone sculptor of immense talent and the work on show demonstrated her versatility.  She is able to work in large scale and we are exhibted The Three Graces from beautiful Kilkenny Limestone, on the sculpture Lawn .  The honey alabaster Angel Wings challenge what is possible - carved to a depth that creates transparency and draws out the beauty of the stone.  Her ability to move from the abstract to the figurative is evident in Embrace - the only Mel Fraser bronze on the stand.  The original piece carved out of one block of stone, the patinated bronze is a great opportunity to acquire a beautiful piece and complex piece. 


The glass sculpture of Richard Jackson and Sally Fawkes gives a range of pieces from irresistible Notational Movements - small and affordable etched glass sculptures with mirrored bases which have developed from their commissioned work for Salisbury Cathedral, to large outdoor works that show interplay between the sculpture and its environment and which totally exploit the changing light conditions.


Kinetic sculpture can be a great way to bring movement into an outdoor space.  Vanes by Ivan Black is a triptych of kinetic sculptures that move with the least breath of wind.  the combination of circles, squares and stars with each element moving randomly in multiple directions gives a constantly changing view.  


Philip Hearsey's work is a celebration of bronze.  Its surface and the myriad finishes and patinations give him a rich source of inspiration.  The sculptures have an organic quality with shapes and form that is clearly inspired by the natural world.  


Johannes Von Stumm, known for the almost impossible marrying of stone, bronze and glass, has also produced a larger edition series of blown glass pieces.  The seasons are reflected in these pieces which give an entry level to collecting this sought after sculptor.

All of the sculptors featured relish commissions.  The commissioning process can give an exciting insight into the practice and process and enable the client to participate in the development of the final piece.  We have decades of experience in working with artists on site specific works and can advise and assist from first idea to final installation.  

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the artists featured or would be interested in commissioning an artwork, please contact us.




'LONDON - The Greatest City on Earth'

A group exhibition which opens to the public on 18th July 2017

At a time when London and Londoners have experienced huge difficulties, this exhibition aims to celebrate the great qualities of our vibrant cosmopolitan capital city and its global influence

There will be a series of live performances and events throughout the summer - look out for information here and in our newsletters.

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Image: Hope, Oil on canvas, Mick Dean



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