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ART NEXUS II - International Contemporary Art

We are delighted to be again working with Lucia Mendoza of Lucia Mendoza Gallery, Madrid to present 5 exciting international artists.  This group of artists were first shown together in February this year in an exhibition curated by Lucia Mendoza.  The exhibition which has been enhanced by new work has now moved to London.

For each artist the work has commenced with an idea.  The Artist has then developed this and perfected the techniques to communicate this to the viewer.

Stefano Bonacci is an Italian artist from the Umbria area of Italy.  He is inevitably influenced by the long tradition of art and the birth of the renaissance and this appears in his work in geometric form.  The historic and geographical peculiarities of the area must also be of influence.  At first sight his work is quite eclectic, not bound in a particular medium or style and this give him a freedom of expression so that the medium and techniques employed are those most suited to delivery of the final piece.

Mercedes Lara, born Daimiel, Ciudad Real Spain in 1967 will be showing with Gallery DIFFERENT for the second time, the only artist from Art Nexus I to be participating in the current exhibition.  Her works are very detailed, still using threads which she now combines with porcelain and other materials.

Ingacio Canales Aracil was born in Madrid in 1984 and studied Fine Art in London first in Wimbledon and then at Chelsea College of Art.  His chosen medium produces delicate but visually strong sculptures composed of dried flowers and leaves.  From small delicate table top sculptures to large installations, the work is seductively beautiful.

Born in Okayama Japan in 1956,Toshiro Yamaguchi now lives and works in Madrid, Spain.  His works are expansive installations that work with multiples of smaller elements which together make an impressive impact.  His work is also very concerned with textures and colour, each element like a small sculpture.

Oliver Czarnetta was born in Birkesdorf, Duren, Germany in 1966 and studied as a stonemason going on to work as an independent artist following his final examination in 1992.  He works with transparent materials such as resin and mirrors, in his words, "to elucidte a common quality of being human".



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